I’ve never really given Yoga a chance. Over the years I’ve gone to a class here or there, but it has never really been something that I’ve wanted to pursue. Even now, I wouldn’t say that I’m passionate about delving into Yoga. I see it more as a means to an end. A way to increase my flexibility, build my core body strength, practice meditation and proper breathing techniques, and most importantly feel superior to those around me who aren’t so enlightened. Obviously that one is a low blow, and only representative of those people who are really into themselves and would be whether they were into Yoga or something even more cult-y like the Martial Arts.

I don’t expect Yoga to work miracles for me, though I have seen a friend experience some pretty dramatic results after taking up Yoga following a pretty bad accident. My intention over this next year is to maintain an open mind and give it a real chance. My only real hesitation is that I fear that this may be a gateway to veganism. If I start to go down that path I give you all permission in advance to stage an intervention.


A bit more enlightened (1/29/2017) - So I started my journey to enlightenment today with my first at home Yoga session. If I had to put a number on it I’d say I’m 1% closer to becoming one with the universe. That’s how Yoga works right? For those of you who yoga (am I saying that right?), is there some kind […]