Strength Challenges

As part of my focus on health and well-being over this next year I intend to improve my general physical conditioning. I’ve never really enjoyed strength training for its own sake. It was a necessary evil that allowed me to compete at a higher level in Taekwondo or make selection in the military. Consequently, when I didn’t have anything physical to strive for I effectively gave up strength training.

Knowing this about myself I decided to set a series of strength challenges that would force me into a regular training regime if I wanted any hope of achieving them.


100 Pushups (consecutive)

I’m basing my push-up training regime on the one found over at There are three separate challenges in this program, each of which builds on the last. The Foundation Challenge is 100 pushups completed in 24 hrs. My goal is to complete this one by the beginning of March, which shouldn’t be too difficult given that my starting baseline max was 25 pushups. The Intermediate Challenge is 100 pushups completed in 5 minutes. This one is considerably harder, but still significantly easier than the Advanced as it still allows for starts and stops. I’ll aim to complete this one by mid-August. The Advanced Challenge is 100 consecutive pushups, done without stopping at the top or bottom. I have until January 23rd, 2018 to complete this one.


400 Situps (consecutive)

I’m basing my sit-up routine off of the program over at There are no stepped challenges in this program so I’m aiming for the following milestones: 100 situps by April 23rd, 200 by July 23rd, 300 by October 23rd, and 400 by January 23rd, 2018. In hindsight 400 was a stupid target to set, and was only based on the fact that 40 divides into 400 neatly. It could just as easily have been 360 or 440, but I’ve already made and published my list, so 400 it is.


40 Pullups (consecutive)

I’m basing my pull-up routine on the program found at I’m not setting any milestones for this challenge just yet. If the program goes as planned I should be able to complete this goal by early September. However, given my pretty poor performance on my baseline pullup test, I’m not yet convinced that the program will go as planned.

I’ll be tracking my training progress in a Google Sheet that you can access here at StrengthChallenges or you can view the progress below.