Full Center Splits

This one is pretty straight forward. I used to be quite flexible, and now I’m not. Years of Taekwondo training and competition forced me to maintain my flexibility. After leaving TKD I stopped stretching on a daily basis, and before long I stopped stretching altogether. The results aren’t pretty. If I don’t turn this around Ill be that guy that has to sit down to put on his socks or tie his shoes. What I really want to be is this guy:


Because that guy is a god-damned legend. As an aside, for any of you who grew up with the late 80s early 90s version of Van Damme, do yourself a favour and watch JCVD if you haven’t already.

In hindsight I guess I sould have called this the WWJCVDD challenge , or What Would Jean-Claude Van Damme Do. The answer of course is always The Splits, so that’s what I’m going to do.