Dragon Boat Race

This one is a true blue bucket list item. I’ve wanted to participate in a Dragon Boat Race for a long time now. I’ve always either been too busy to put together my own team or too scattered for anyone to risk putting me on theirs. This year that all changes. I’m racing in a Dragon Boat even if it means I have to go full pirate and steal someone’s Black Pearl.

My plan is to try and register my own team for the Saskatoon race, but if that doesn’t work I’ll be begging or buying my way on to someone’s team somewhere.


Racing Dragons in Saskatoon (1/31/2017) - I just received confirmation that I’ve successfully registered my team for the 2017 Saskatoon Dragon Boat Festival, taking place July 21st & 22nd. I was pretty excited for about 5 minutes after which the reality of having to find a Drummer, a Steersperson, 20 Paddlers, and 3 alternates set in and drained all the fun […]