Competent Communicator

I made the effort to join Toastmasters in Kelowna for the first time in 2012. I attended a few meetings as a guest, participated in a couple table topic sessions, and then bailed before signing up. A little more than a year later, in 2013, I went back and officially joined the club. I participated in meetings regularly for about a month and a half before I allowed all the other things in my life to become a priority.

Aside from wanting to improve my ability to speak publicly, this challenge item is really about taking care of unfinished business. My goal this year is to find a club, join said club, and then work my way through the Toastmasters Competent Communication manual. This manual, the first in the TM public speaking program, consists of 10 speeches ranging from an icebreaker to an inspirational address. I figure that if I can join a club by early February I’ll have 11 months to compose and deliver my 10 speeches, which sounds very doable when it’s written on the screen.

Preparing to Speak (2/1/2017) - So I found a Toastmasters Club in Saskatoon today. Not only did I attend, I also had the chance to participate in their Table Topics round. In what I’m assuming was an overt effort to recruit me to their club they even presented me with an award for Best Table Topics. Was it a blatant […]