Fort Winter Festival

Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley is both beautiful and unexpected. Approaching Fort Qu’Appelle from the North on Hwy 35/22 you are surrounded by gently rolling farm land that seems to extend on forever. It isn’t until you’re about a mile out from the valley that you get a sense that there’s an upcoming shift in the geography. […]

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Weekly Update # 5

If I was issuing these updates on Sundays I would have a lot more to talk about. This coming weekend is the Fort Winter Festival, so I’ll be traveling to Fort Qu’Appelle, engaging in winter revelry, exploring the ice fort and diving into a frozen lake for the Polar bear swim. Then I’ll be coming […]

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The one who thinks he can

Today’s post is a brief motivational courtesy of my old Section Commander, Cpl. Gertz. He used to call this the Winner’s Creed, though it is in fact part of a poem called “Thinking” by Walter Wintle (c. 1905). If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think you dare not, you don’t. If […]

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We Cool?

Full disclosure right up front, this week’s musical addition is geared more towards fans of garage rock, folk punk or power pop music. If you don’t consider yourself a fan I’d still recommend that you check out this artist’s lyrics, because he certainly has a way with words. The artist in question is Jeff Rosenstock. […]

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Under the Sea

A very brief update today (I can hear your sigh of relief Jeremy and I’m not amused). I’ve registered for my Open Water Scuba course, which is set to start this coming Sunday. In three short weeks I will have completed the written and in pool training, at which point I’ll just have my 4 […]

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Not an act, but a habit

Aristotle is famously quoted as having said, “We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” A statement as true today as it was 2400 years ago. Habit is indeed the key to excellence, so the question is how does one go about developing new habits? And equally important, […]

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Weekly Update #4

Time for another update already? It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you try to pack 24 months worth of activity into 12. I’m nearly a month into this little experiment and I’ve only managed to knock a single book off of my list of 40 books, which itself is a single item on my […]

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