Hi, I’m Sean and this blog is a record of my attempt to avoid a mid-life crisis when I hit 40 541563_10152380308071481_1424531829821150477_nnext year. If movies and stand-up comedy have taught me anything, it’s that I should dread getting any older because my body and life are about to breakdown. While I’m pretty confident that my life is in good shape, I do have to admit that the body is starting to show those first signs that it needs a bit more upkeep. To be honest, I’ve spent the past decade riding on the coattails of all the hard work I put into training during my 20s,  unfortunately I already undid a lot of that work before I ever turned 30.

With that said, I’m not so concerned about my health and fitness. I have no doubt that I can turn those around over the next year. What really worries me is that I might become the “glory days guy” because I don’t have any cool new adventures to talk about. I’ve noticed that an increasing number of my conversations include phrases like “when I used to…” and “back when…”.  To be fair, I’ve lived a somewhat eventful life and have some great tales of (mis)adventure. The problem is I plan (fingers crossed) to live awhile longer, and I’d like a few more adventures in the bank to share with the other patients when I’m finally committed.

In the end all you really need to know about me is that I’m a guy who is going to spend the next year of his life preparing himself for the next 40. I plan to build new habits, learn new skills, and experience new thrills. I’m pretty excited about the next year, because as the great philosopher Steven Tyler once wrote:

“Life is a journey, and I just can’t tell what tomorrow brings.”

Of course he also recently wrote:

“We spinning on a roller coaster, a free fallin’ into your yum yum”

So take what he says with a grain of salt. Nevertheless I am excited. It should be a great year.



Sean Cooper

January 23, 2017