Weekly Update # 5

If I was issuing these updates on Sundays I would have a lot more to talk about. This coming weekend is the Fort Winter Festival, so I’ll be traveling to Fort Qu’Appelle, engaging in winter revelry, exploring the ice fort and diving into a frozen lake for the Polar bear swim. Then I’ll be coming home to start my SCUBA course on Sunday. I guess what I’m saying is that next Thursday’s update will be much more exciting than this one.

Setbacks, Obstacles, & Failures

Two full weeks without stumbling. The pessimist in me fears that this means something pretty terrible is on the horizon, the masochist in me kind of hopes so, and the optimist is pretty certain that we can handle it. I guess we’ll find out if, or when, it arrives.

Achievements, Opportunities, & Successes

  1. Discovered a new artist – Yes, I discovered Jeff Rosenstock’s music in the same way that Europeans “discovered” the Americas. Nonetheless I have new music to listen to, and so do you if you check out this post. Only 37 more bands/musical acts/artists to discover.
  2. Criminal Record Check – I went to the Saskatoon Police Service and completed my criminal record check for the volunteer position with SSAIC. No matter how many times I go to get these done I’m always convinced something is going to pop up and I’ll find myself tossed into the joint. Guilty conscience from a misspent youth I suppose. I’m marking this one as an achievement, because the record check came back clean and I’m still on the streets.
  3. Unwitting Inspiration – A good friend of mine publicly stated on Facebook that I had “unwittingly spurred” him to make some  personal changes. This doesn’t surprise me, given that most things I do are unwitting. I’m taking this one as a huge win, because he and I are never publicly nice to each other. Oh, and I also wrote a couple of very moving and motivational posts. One about creating a habit of excellence, and the other about believing in yourself.
  4. 100 Pushup, Fundamental Challenge – I had a personal goal to complete the Fundamental Challenge (100 pushups in 24 hours) by the beginning of march. Welp, I nailed it and now I’m on to the next one: 100 Pushups in 5 min. Some intelligent person said that SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) are the key to success. Look at me, I’m living proof. No seriously, look at me, in the video below. It’s proof that I achieved my SMART goal.

Thanks for reading, it keeps me accountable knowing a few of you will be checking in. Until next time remember; keep fit and have fun.

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