Weekly Update #4

Today is Thursday, which means it’s time for another weekly update. Given that this is thepiechart_clean last Thursday of the month I figured I’d also total up some of my ‘work’ so far. I only just came up with this idea before sitting down to write this post, so all you’re going to get this month are numbers. Next month I’ll put together some infographics for you, in the meantime here’s a pie chart describing my favourite bars (in percentage of Awesomeness):

You don’t need to be a fan of HIMYM to appreciate that joke, but it helps.

In all seriousness I will have charts next week, but for now on with the weekly round-up

Setbacks, Obstacles, & Failures

None to report this week, so suck it naysayers.

Achievements, Opportunities, & Successes

  1. Passenger – Knocked another artist off of my “Listen to more new music” list. Thanks to Katy for introducing me to this little English-American dude. If you haven’t listened yet, do yourself a favour and check him out here.
  2. Community Service – I applied for a position as a Crisis Line Volunteer with the Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Info Center, and after a thorough interview they offered me a spot in their next training intake in April. It probably sounds weird to say that I’m looking forward to working with survivors of sexual assault, but I am.
  3. Strength Training – After a brief rest & a bit of recovery I’m back into and refocused on my strength training. I’ve also re-worked the way I’m training for my pull-ups and I hope to report on some better gains come next Thursday.
  4. Running – I didn’t blog about this, because it’s really more of a humble brag than a blog post, but I have not missed a scheduled run in 5 weeks. I’m adding this one today because at 5:30 this morning all I wanted to do was turn off my alarm and go back to sleep, fortunately good old discipline kicked me out of bed.
  5. B-ball – I started training for my three point perfection. I bought myself a new ball yesterday and have worked on the fundamentals a couple times since. I should be ready to lace up the sneaks and challenge Lebron to some 1 v 1 by June.

Summary – Jan 24 to Feb 23

  • Total number of Push ups = 1241
  • Accumulated time for Planks  = 47.5 minutes
  • Total number of Sit ups = 540
  • Total number of Pull ups = 276
  • Total kilometers run = 48 (that’s 28.9 miles for you imperial mofos)
  • Total hours of audiobook listening = 28
  • Number of songs learned on piano = 1

I could continue, but the numbers get decidedly less impressive, so I’ll hold off for now.

I’ll leave you with a thought that we discussed in Toastmasters this week. The idea of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. The only way to make meaningful change or to live your dreams is to get out of your comfort zone – unless of course your dream is to live in your comfort zone.

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