Duck on a Rock

Item # 38 on my Forty-B4-Forty list is Perfect my 3-point Shot. I can’t exactly say why training to throw 3-Point shots appeals to me. I have no intention of playing basketball. I’m not really made for B-Ball, despite the fact I am 5’9″ of aggressive agility and speed, or at least I will be again once I get in shape. It’s not about being able to play the game, it’s more about taking something that I’ve never really been good at and learning to perfect the technique.

This was something I always loved about martial arts training. Taking a new kick or strike, breaking it down into it’s component movements, learning each part, putting it back together and executing the technique perfectly. With this new challenge I’ll be able to see my progress as my shot percentage slowly increases over the year. Of course I’ll also be driven crazy in the early stages as my percentage of missed shots refuses to drop.

I’m heading home here shortly and on the way home I’m going to stop and pick up a new basketball. If any of you want to challenge me to a game of HORSE or 21 you’d best do it soon.

Note: If any of you are wondering why the title of this post is “Duck on a Rock”, it is a reference to the childhood game that may have influenced Naismith’s development of Basketball. If any of you are wondering who Naismith is you can hit up wikipedia.

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