Weekly Update #3

Time for another update already? It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you try to pack 24 months worth of activity into 12. I’m nearly a month into this little experiment and I’ve only managed to knock a single book off of my list of 40 books, which itself is a single item on my List. This isn’t the first time in my life that I’ve taken on more than I can chew. The difference being that this time I’m not walking away from the challenge. I might not complete everything on schedule, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

With that said, here are the week’s Failures and Successes. As always, the bad news is first.

Setbacks, Obstacles, & Failures

  1. Pull-ups – Yep, these little bastards are back in the list. As some of you may have read the other day, I suffered a check in my progress when it comes to pull-up training. I tried to do a progress check on Tuesday and found that my max pull-up reps had dropped from 2 to 1. I’ve been trying to take the perspective that this is only a decrease of 1 rep instead of focusing on the fact that I suffered a 50% loss.
  2. Sundogs Dog Sledding – Up until yesterday I was counting on finally knocking an item off of my list come Monday. Sarah and I were supposed to be going on the Orientation Excursion with the Sundogs up in the boreal forest north of P.A. Unfortunately that plan has been derailed. Worse yet they are now completely booked up through March 3rd, after which they may close for the season given the way this winter is warming up. So now it might be next December or January before I can knock that item off the list.

Achievements, Opportunities, & Successes

  1. Valentine’s Day – This has nothing to do with my list, but I remembered Valentine’s day this year. I count this as an opportunity because the time I would have had to devote to apologizing can now be spent tackling the tasks on my list.
  2. Physiotherapy – Instead of waiting for my sciatica symptoms to resolve on their own I decided to take matters into my own hands. I guess more accurately, I decided to place matters into someone else’s hands, and a trained professional’s hands at that. I spent about an hour with John over at Zone Sport Physiotherapy yesterday. In hindsight I could have just gone to him first and skipped the GP altogether. We have a treatment plan now, and already the symptoms are more manageable.
  3. Book-list: 1 Down – I managed to finish St. Lucy’s home for Girls raised by wolves over the weekend. I also made significant progress into The Brothers Karamazov and am currently on Chapter 4 of The World According to Garp. At the moment I’m like every stereotypical geeky bookworm teenager – can’t do pull-ups and always has his nose in a book. Damn you stereotypes!
  4. Community Service – I blogged a little while back about looking for some Volunteering opportunities. I’ve since selected an organization, submitted my application, and will be attending an interview tomorrow morning. I’m not yet ready to disclose which organization I’ll be working with, because there is every possibility that half-way through tomorrow’s they will decided I’m not the right candidate. If, on the other hand, everything works out I’ll tell you about it real soon. It’s an exciting opportunity and one that, I feel, is very valuable.
  5. Good Music – With the help of my favorite brother-in-law I was able to get started on my musical journey. As it turned out before I even left home this journey took me right into the woods. I’ve been listening to the Don’t Get Too Grand album all week. If there is one post worth reading from this past week this would be the one. In fact don’t even worry about reading it, just follow the link in this paragraph and go listen to some of Donovan Woods’ music that I posted on the page. Do it! Do it right now!
  6. According to my Headspace meditation app, I’m currently on a streak of 8 days. Of course tonight is the last session of my free “Take Ten” program. After that I have to start paying, which may derail me a bit because I’m cheap. Either way, if you’re not also meditating just know that I’m probably already on a slightly higher plane of existence than you.

So that’s about it for this week – pretty quiet, all in all. My successes are still outnumbering my failures, so at least I’m heading in the right direction.




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