Into the Woods

So I started my journey of musical discovery this weekend with Donovan Woods, an artist recommended by my friend/brother-in-law Matt. Matt is many things, including a good friend and mediocre brother-in-law*, but most importantly (for my current needs) he is a musical aficionado. I can always count on being introduced to something new when I get into his car, or when he gets into mine and takes control of the stereo. In fact I didn’t even have to ask him for suggestions for my new music discovery list, he just emailed me a list of artists and songs to check out.

As expected, he found me a winner right out of the gates with Donovan Woods. Woods’ music is a blend of folk and country that balances the seemingly simple melodies of an acoustic guitar with clever lyrical songwriting. Here’s a better description from his website:

“When you listen to Donovan Woods, you can hear the craft of songwriting being carried forward: Stripped down, but never simple; direct yet poetic; new and timeless. The music is delivered with confidence, and in an evocative voice that you wouldn’t expect from someone as young, approachable, or humorous as Woods.”

The two songs that Matt suggested I listen to were “That Hotel” and “Put On, Cologne”, both of which I’ve included below. “That Hotel” is a single released in 2015, while “Put On, Cologne” is the second track from his 2013 album Don’t Get Too Grand. For those of you who like to mock this little province of Saskatchewan (so all of you), you might want to check out track number three entitled “Sask”.

No offense, Saskatchewan.

You live a lie, you live a lie, you live a lie.

His newest album Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled is also worth a listen. You can find all of Donovan’s music on Google Music, Spotify, and a bunch of other sources. It’s probably best that you give him a listen for yourself, so here you go:




*Note: Mediocre can be quite a subjective word and I have incredibly high standards. By most estimations Matt would be quite a good B-I-L.

Thanks Matt for the recommendations. They are much appreciated.

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