Preparing to Speak

So I found a Toastmasters Club in Saskatoon today. Not only did I attend, I also had the chance to participate in their Table Topics round. besttabletopicsIn what I’m assuming was an overt effort to recruit me to their club they even presented me with an award for Best Table Topics. Was it a blatant promotional tactic? Probably. Whether it was or not, I’m definitely signing up with this crew. They were professional and on point, without taking themselves too seriously or sucking the fun out the meeting. I think that I’ll get along with them well, especially if they continue to ply me with awards. I can only hope that eventually they’ll learn to spell my name correctly.

Now I guess it’s time to get to work preparing my first speech, which is the Icebreaker. According to the manual I will be introducing myself to my fellow club members and providing them some information about my background, interests, and ambitions. Talk about myself for between 4 and 6 minutes. However will I find enough material?

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