Racing Dragons in Saskatoon

fmg_saskatoonI just received confirmation that I’ve successfully registered my team for the 2017 Saskatoon Dragon Boat Festival, taking place July 21st & 22nd. I was pretty excited for about 5 minutes after which the reality of having to find a Drummer, a Steersperson, 20 Paddlers, and 3 alternates set in and drained all the fun out of the moment.

Do I even know 25 people? I guess I do, but I certainly don’t know 25 reliable people who will commit to joining my team and making the mandatory practices. I guess I should add another item to The List: Meet More People.

With that said, if any of you are in or around Saskatoon (or willing to travel to Saskatoon) and you have an interest in experiencing the exhilaration of racing a wooden dragon on the water, let me know because I’ll likely have a space for you.


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