Tickling the Ivories

Check out my sweet keyboard setup. She’s got 61 keys, 400 tones, a song bank of 110 songs (including Twinkle Twinkle), a voice sampling feature, and light up keys. That’s right keys that light up.piano I’ve customized her a little by adding a set of premium headphones so I don’t torture my family while butchering Ode to Joy. Those headphones are, incidentally, the reason that Indy-dog is sleeping on the floor in this picture and not howling in accompaniment.

I originally bought this keyboard about a year ago so that I could introduce music into the life of the small child that lives in our house. That’s not to say that I had kept music out of her life for a full year. I’m not a monster. She’d listened and danced to all sorts of music by that time. From Stevie Ray Vaughn to Avicii and the Beatles to DMX she’s had a pretty broad introduction to popular music, but before the keyboard I don’t think she realized that she could make music herself. I’d love to report that she’s a virtuoso, but she’s not. In fact she’s terrible. Now let me stop you before you try to defend her by telling me she’s only two. I know she’s two, which is why I’m not upset at her inability to play the piano. Two year-olds are supposed to be rubbish at the piano, which is why she gets a pass.

Speaking of people who need some work on their piano skills, I’ve been using the Casio LK-260’s integrated step up lesson system for a few weeks now and I’m seeing some real improvement. You’d still get ear-cancer if you were forced to listen to me play, but it would be a less aggressive form today than it would have been at the beginning of January. Thanks Casio!

Once I nail down Amazing Grace I’ll record a brief (oh so very brief) snippet to share. In the meantime go make love to your tonic and gin while you listen to this beauty:

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