The Brothers Karamazov

When considering where to begin my reading adventure I thought to myself why don’t you start with something fun and easy to get through. Then I looked at my bedside table and saw this albatross staring back at me. brotherskFor about two years now old Dostoyevsky has been patiently waiting for me to pick up his last great work. I raised his hopes last August when I picked up The Brothers K and started into the first few pages. Being an old Russian, and having spent time exiled in Siberia, I’m sure he wasn’t surprised when I came across an old copy of Starship Troopers and opted to read that instead. I imagined him letting out a forlorn sigh and grumbling in his thick accent “is alright, we Russians are born to live with disappointment.” In my mind he sounds like Sean Connery from The Hunt for Red October. I’m pretty certain that historians would agree.

Well D, I’m not going to disappoint you anymore. I’m yours for the 18 or so hours it will take me to work through this “passionate philosophical novel” of yours.¬† Take me back to 19th century Russia and tell me all your thoughts on God, free will, and morality. Let’s do this!

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