Time to get started

Welp, I officially turned 39 yesterday. Between that, this blog, and the fact that I’ve already signed up for a marathon in December, a Dragon Boat race in July, and ground school in April I guess it’s time to start knocking items off of my list.

I guess that also means I should finish my list. I still have to pick the 40 books I’m going to read, finalize the 40 places I’m going to explore in SK, and figure out how I’m going to get time to go see 40 new bands.

On the upside I started my Couch-2-5K program on Tuesday and I crushed that 30 min walk/run interval session. The way I see it that sub-4 hour marathon is pretty much in the bag.

Tonight I’ll do my baseline push-up, pull-up, and sit-up tests, so that will be disheartening. Then to really crush my spirit I’m going to take some before photos, because after photos just aren’t as impressive if you can’t show what an embarrassment you were to begin with. After the baselines and photos I’m off to bed early so that I can get up at 5:30 am to run.

This is fun, right?

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