Welcome to my midlife crisis,

Rather than buy a convertible, cheat on my wife, and descend into a drug and alcohol fueled tailspin that would make Hunter S. Thompson blush, I’ve decided to embrace this crisis. I’ve put together a list of forty things that I’d like to accomplish before my 40th birthday. Some are things that I used to do (or be able to do), some are things that I’ve always wanted to do, and some are things I never realized that I wanted until I started to put this list together.

This blog is a record of my attempt to get through my forty-before-forty list.



Fort Winter Festival (3/6/2017) - Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley is both beautiful and unexpected. Approaching Fort Qu’Appelle from the North on Hwy 35/22 you are surrounded by gently rolling farm land that seems to extend on forever. It isn’t until you’re about a mile out from the valley that you get a sense that there’s an upcoming shift in the geography. […]